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    Intro & Opening the StashCan

    LED Color & Style

    Sharing Access


    What keeps someone from picking up the StashCan and walking away with it?

    The StashCan has a Kensington Click Safe Anchor built into its base that allows it to be secured with a Kensington Cable lock. This cable lock can fasten the StashCan to a table leg, bed post, or other heavy item and keep it from being removed from its place. The Kensington lock can be purchased from Amazon for less than $20.

    How strong is the StashCan?

    The StashCan is made from very durable ABS plastic that cannot be easily broken. This material is very strong, but several blows from a heavy duty sledge hammer could potentially smash it open. The StashCan is designed to keep others (like your roommates, kids, friends, etc.) out of your personal stuff, not for securing high value items like large sums of cash, precious metals or stones, etc.

    Why is the StashCan better than a safe?

    Safes are bulky and difficult to hide. The StashCan is sleek, small, and modern. It can be hidden anywhere, even when in plain sight it doesn’t draw attention. Not to mention, safes use combinations, a PIN, or a key. The StashCan is designed to unlock only to your voice or with our iOS/Android app. Access can be shared with others, but only with your authorization, and can be revoked at any time. So forget those PINs and throw away those keys!

    So is the StashCan always listening to or recording my conversations?

    Unlike lots of other voice activated devices out there,

    The StashCan does NOT:

    Record voices or any other noise in the room or transmit your conversation up to the cloud.

    It doesn’t have any interest in your conversations either, it just waits to hear the passphrases that you have trained it to recognize so it can unlock for you. The StashCan can also be turned off at anytime via a switch on the underside of the base and turned back on when you need to open it.

    How long does the battery last?

    The battery will operate the StashCan for 4 to 6 hours if the StashCan is turned ON the entire time. The battery life can be significantly extended by turning the StashCan OFF once it has been opened and just turning it back on when you need to open it again.

    What if I lose WiFi or internet, how do I open the StashCan?

    Method #1 would be with Voice ID. If that is not available, (for example, if you disabled voice ID) there is a fail safe method for opening the StashCan using a master password that is unique to each and every StashCan. The master password is provided to the owner upon initial registration. All that is required is a smart device, the master password and the StashCan.

    Can I transfer ownership of the StashCan to someone else?

    Yes, there is a simple re-registration procedure.

    Are there software updates for the StashCan?

    Yes, just like your mobile device, there will be updates. These updates will address any bugs and provide new functionality for the StashCan. Any updates for the StashCan can be done through WiFi, again just like an update on your mobile device.

    Will there be any capabilities added in the future?

    YES! The StashCan will receive periodic updates via the WiFi connection, ie Over the Air (OTA) updates. These updates will provide new functionality for the StashCan, including, but not limited to bluetooth capability, and personalization of LED patterns and colors.

    Can the StashCan operate with Google Assistant or Alexa?

    The StashCan Voice ID skill using Amazon Alexa is in beta test now. This skill will soon be submitted to Amazon for review & approval. Once approved, this skill will allow you to use your voice to open the StashCan, change LED colors, as well as set LED brightness and style. And that means that your voice, and ONLY your voice, can perform these functions. And the best part, no need to change out your StashCan!

    All ARX Labs StashCans will have the capability. And all of this comes by downloading the free Amazon Alexa App and the ARX Labs skill on your iOS or Android device, no need to buy any Alexa hardware.