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    The StashCan & Cable Lock $119.99

    Hi, I’m the StashCan, and I will soon be your stash partner! You see, I’m the smart way to keep your stash, prescription meds, cash or other valuables locked down, (and a nosey roomie out), while you are in class, at work or out with friends.
    I’ll keep your stash completely safe and secure while you’re away. Here’s why I know you’ll love me:


    • SMELL-PROOF – No one will know what I’m hiding!
    • VOICE ACTIVATED–  Only you can open me with your voice using your Amazon Alexa Voice profile or with our free iOS or Android app. With my brains, you won’t need a key or combination. Just tell me…”Alexa… tell my StashCan to unlock”. Trust me, I’m a fast learner!
    • APP CONTROLLED & Wi-Fi ENABLED- Easily share & restrict access to me by friends and family (even your nosey roomie) from wherever you may be.
    • USB POWERED- Recharge my battery and I’m good for up to 6 hours
    • INCONSPICUOUS – Pitch your coffee can, stash box, stash jar or other diversion devices cause I’m as inconspicuous as they are and a heck of lot more secure. 
    • LOCKDOWN -Lock me down with the Included steel cable lock if you’re afraid I might “get legs”.


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