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    Investor Bulletin!

    Dear Interested Investor!

    Thank you for considering investment in LockedBrands, owners and developers and of the StashCan and Secure Med Manager.

    As you already know, the StashCan’s unique features are proving it to be a valuable security device to the young but exploding cannabis, CBD and Hemp markets.

    However, there is another market that is just as significant and more mature…

    the opioid and addictive drug abuse problem that is destroying lives, families, and communities across the globe.

    To pursue the demand within this very different and sensitive healthcare market, we cloned the StashCan creating its “twin sister”, the Pillar, to eliminate any potential for controversy.

    The Pillar possesses the very same underlying technology and is being recognized by doctors and pharmacists as a highly effective way to address the opioid and prescription drug abuse problem head on!

    When you invest in LockedBrands LLC, not only will you be investing in the StashCan, the Pillar and the “Secure Med Manager” but you’ll be joining an elite group of visionary, impact investors who have already invested over $1,000,000.

    So, I urge you to check out our Wefunder page below for details on how you can join us on our mission.

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