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    The StashCan & Cable Lock $119.99

    need a practical & discrete way to store your valuables?

    meet The StashCan, the smart way to keep your stash, prescription meds, cash or other valuables locked down, (and a nosey roomie out), while you are in class, at work or out with friends.

    the StashCan keep your stash completely safe and secure while you’re away.

    here’s why we know you’ll love it:


    • smell-proof  – no one will know what hidden inside. 
    • voice-activated  –  only you can open it with your voice using your Amazon Alexa Voice profile or with our free iOS or Android app. just Ask Alexa, ”Alexa… tell my StashCan to unlock." 
    • app-controlled & wifi enabled - easily share & restrict access to friends and family (even your nosey roomie) from wherever you may be.
    • usb powered - built-in rechargeable battery and a full charge lasts up to 6 hours
    • discrete design – pitch your coffee can, stash bag, stash jar or other diversion devices cause the StashCan is as discrete as they get. it looks like any other household device! 
    • anchor-able - lock it down with the included steel cable lock if you’re afraid it might “get legs”.


     Sendt combination cable lock details:

    the Sendt 4' combination cable lock is the perfect accessory to lock down your StashCan.

    this lock is secure and easy to use with it's keyless 4-wheel combination, reinforced lock head, and push-button design. this lock secures any design with a Kensington Tab anchor point.

    what's included:

    this item includes one complete white StashCan, USB power supply and cable lock.

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